Collecting the olives

The picking season starts in late October/early November and for the local farmers, continues through to late March.


We like collect our olives early in the picking season to ensure they are the best quality. We collect them by shaking them onto nets which are laid under a group of three or four trees. Then one person straps on the shaker and works round each branch, while the others beat the remaining olives off the trees.

The fallen olives are collected from the nets and put in the tractor trailer for delivery the next day to the Co-operative where they are processed and bottled.

This load of around 1,400 kilos is ready to go, so it's a 2 hour round trip for me, while these guys get a beer.

In 2014, we collected a total of just under 10,000 kilos of olives over a six week period from the middle of October and through November.



Martin & Penelope Hale
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