March 2015 news
Since the success in 2012 of our first commercial harvest of Our Olive Oil, we have been working hard to follow up with an even better oil.

2013 was a a total disaster. Nearly all the young fruits dropped from the trees in the terrible winds and cold during May, then the summer was to dry which meant we ended up with poor quality olives that we sold directly to our cooperativa rather than bottle a inferior oil.

2014 however was better. The trees flowered well, the spring and summer have been kind with the wind and rain and as of the end of August the trees are heavy with olives. With the help of our son and some of his friends, we collected 10,000 kilos of olives, which produced over 1,300 litres of Extra Virgin olive oil with the silky fresh green flavour that we like so much.

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Our Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil is cultivated from olives grown in our own groves, then collected and sold by ourselves. Only the processing and bottling are managed by a professional co-operative. This ensures that you can be confident that you are buying from a single source supplier whose sole aim is to provide the best quality product on the market. It is then shipped to our UK couriers warehouse who provide an excellent 24 delivery service.

This year, Our Olive Oil is available in 75cl bottles, individually and in cases of six, with online payment via PayPal, which does not require you to have an account and accepts all major credit cards


1 or more
individually packaged
750ml bottles of
Our Olive Oil
at £15.95 each,
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1 or more cases of
6 x 750ml bottles of
Our Olive Oil
at £54.95 each,
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Cases of six 500ml bottles

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Artisanal Oil
All the olives were hand collected onto nets, ensuring they were pressed whilst in prime condition. The fresh green flavour with light finish, derives from the three varieties of tree grow in our land, Morut (Moruda), Sevillianca and Farga and early harvesting of their olives.


High Quality, Low Volume
This year we collected 10,000 kilos of olives with a rendition of 13%, producing around 1,300 litres of extra virgin oil.
We are bringing some more olive trees into production this year and next year, so we hope that in the future we will be able to produce up to 2,000 litres per year whilst maintaining the quality.

Nurture Nature
Our olive groves were a derelict wilderness when we purchased the land, so no pesticides or herbicides have been used on them for well over 15 years. The trees are now fertilised using pig manure from local farms. There are a number of beehives kept on the finca and the bees are constant sight and sound as they pollinate our trees and flowers.

We are trialing various methods to control the olive fly which is our major pest. Fly traps filled with a Bicarbonate of Soda solution is one, but we are always looking for other safe control methods.

We can assure you that the olives produced have only been touched by the rain, wind, bees and our own hands.



Martin & Penelope Hale
Our Olive Oil